Broker Accreditation Process
Join one of the country’s most recognized and respected real estate development brands. Browse through our Seller’s Corner and learn how you can be an accredited Robinsons Residences Broker.

Thank you for your interest to get accredited with Robinsons Residences!


Below are the guidelines on accreditation of licensed brokers:


I.Step by Step Procedure

Step 1: Submission of Accreditation Requirements

Step 2: Contract Signing

Step 3: Attendance in 1-Day Product Knowledge Seminar

Step 4: Site Orientation


II. List of Accreditation Requirements

1. Duly-accomplished Broker Application Form.

2. PRC-issued Real Estate Broker’s License

3. HLURB-issued Certificate of Registration for Real Estate Brokers

4. BIR Form 2303 or Certificate of Registration

5. Official Receipt with Authority to Print

6. Business Registration with SEC or DTI (if applicable)

You may submit copies of the above-listed requirements to Upon receipt by Robinsons Land, a broker coordinator shall get in touch with you to brief you on succeeding accreditation steps.

III. Benefits and Support

Your accreditation with Robinsons Residences shall entitle you to the following:

- Above industry standard professional fee rate

- Monthly and quarterly performance-based incentives

- Training for down lines 


IV. Broker's Network

Assistance and queries on brokers network operations, please contact the following:

Network Distribution Department (NDD)

Lower Level Eastlane, Robinsons Galleria

EDSA corner Ortigas Avenue, Quezon City

Direct Lines: (02) 3970290 / (02) 3970271

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