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With the right information, buying a new home can be a walk in the park. Find out all you need to know to become a Robinsons Residences homeowner right here.

Purchasing real estate is an important venture that naturally, leads to many questions and inquiries. Robinsons Land values your trust and understands your need for information. To ease your home buying experience, we have provided a series of Frequently Asked Questions with their corresponding answers.

The details shown herein were prepared with utmost care and are presented in good facts. However, RLC gives no warranty and accepts no responsibility for the accuracy or the completeness of the FAQs. No reliance should be made by any buyer or prospective buyer on the FAQS. The buyer or prospective buyer should check for confirmation with the proper RLC authorized representatives. RLC reserves the right to make changes as it deems appropriate.

The contents of these FAQs should not be construed as legal advice. If legal advice or other expert assistance is required, the services of competent professionals should be sought.

In no event shall RLC and/or its stockholders, directors, officers and representatives be liable for any damage whatsoever arising out of or in connection with the use of this FAQs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Definition of Terms

Buyer's Information Sheet - a form that contains client's essential personal information like contact details, address and etc.

Condominium Certificate of Title (CCT) - a legal document which serves as an evidence of ownership over a condominium unit issued by the Land Registration Authority

Contract to Sell (CTS) - a contract governing a purchase of a specific Unit/House and lot whereby the terms and conditions of the sale, such as but not limited to the payment terms and transfer of ownership, are stated.

Deed of Absolute Sale (DAS) - a contract executed by the seller and the buyer whereby the seller unconditionally transfers to the buyer all its rights, interests and title to the property subject of the sale and the buyer thereby accepts it.

Letter of Guarantee (LOG) - a written guarantee from the bank that the buyer/s? has complied with the bank requirements for the release of loan to cover payment for any portion of the purchase price.

Real Estate Property Tax (REPT) - a tax levied by the Local Government Unit where the property
is situated

Reservation Agreement - a document executed by the buyer, declaring his intent to purchase a specific Unit/House and Lot, together with his payment of the Reservation Fee, and subject to the approval by RLC.

Reservation Agreement - a form that consists of property description, contract prices, 
terms of payment and other terms and conditions that the client had agreed upon relative to the purchase of unit

Special Power of Attorney - an arrangement that grants authority to one person to act in behalf of another. The person giving authorization is called the principal while the person granted authorization to act in behalf of the principal is called attorney-in-fact. This should not be confused with the term attorney-at-law. An attorney-in-fact does not have to be a lawyer; often used when the principal is unable to act for himself because of illness, travel, disability, family problems that require immediate attention, and other similar instance. Through power of attorney, the attorney-in-fact can perform actions that the principal can such as withdrawing funds from your account, signing documents and contracts, and other financial & business actions.

Tax Declaration - a city or municipal document containing the lot/unit number, area, and location of the land/house/condominium unit as well as the name/s, address of the declarant.

Total Contract Price - the total amount to which a unit is priced before any applicable discount or rebate is applied

Transfer Certificate of Title (TCT) - a legal document which serves as an evidence of ownership over a parcel of land issued by the Land Registration Authority

Transfer Tax and Registration Expense - the fee assessed by the City Government for the transfer of title from RLC to the buyer/s' name.

Unit Reservations

What are the requirements to reserve a unit?
Why is my spouse required to sign all the documents?
Are foreigners allowed to purchase a property? What are the requirements?
If my husband/wife is a foreigner, are we allowed to purchase a property? What are the requirements?
As a dual citizen / former Filipino, is it better for me to purchase as a Filipino or a foreigner? I intend to get a bank loan in the future for my Retention Fee.
Are minors allowed to purchase a property? What are the requirements?

Contract Changes

What contract changes can I make, and how do I go about it?
Is the Reservation Fee transferrable?
Are my contract payments transferrable?

Account Adjustments

*Note: Complete and updated information is essential for mailing of documents and/or correspondences related to your purchased unit, in bank documentation, and in the title transfer process. Should there be any information you wish to amend or change, please see below required documents.

Can I make corrections to my name? What are the requirements?
Can I change the declared citizenship in my Individual Client Information Sheet? What are the requirements?
Can I change the civil status I declared in my Individual Client Information Sheet? What are the requirements?
Can I exclude/ include a co-buyer from the ownership of the property? What are the requirements?
In the middle of my amortization, can I transfer my account from one unit/project to another? What are the requirements?
In the middle of my amortization, can I transfer my account via an Upgrade or Downgrade of unit? What are the requirements?
Can I transfer the ownership of my account? What are the requirements?
Can I restructure my payment terms? What are the requirements?


What is a Consolidated Pro-forma Reservation Agreement?
What is a Contract to Sell?
Why do I have to sign the original Contract to Sell (CTS) issued to me even if I want changes from my original purchase?
Can I authorize a representative to sign the Contract to Sell (CTS) on my behalf? What are the requirements?
When can I get the notarized copy of CTS? Addendum for the purchase of Parking Slot?
Can I have a copy of my unitized layout, with dimensions?
How can I pay for my Reservation Fee, downpayments/monthly payments, and retention balance.
I sent my payments thru my Account Manager. How do I know that RLC has received them?

Bank Loans

What is an LOG (Letter of Guarantee)?
If I want to apply for a loan, what should I do?
I have my own favored bank or branch, but is not accredited with you. Can I get a loan from this bank or unit? They promised to make things easy for me.
If the name or civil status indicated on my bank application differs from the name indicated in my CTS, what should I do?
Why is LOG an insufficient document to serve as justification that I have paid on the required date indicated in the CTS and to allow me to move-in? Why must loan proceeds be received?
Can I include my monthly amortization in availing loan?
If I will unable to get a loan approval from my bank, what are the other options do I have in paying the Retention Balance?
I am a dual citizen / former Filipino. what is the best thing to do with my loan application?
Where will my title be delivered?


How do I know when the unit is ready for turnover?
When can I occupy the unit? What are the requirements to move-in?
Are pets allowed?
What are covered by Miscellaneous Fees / Turnover, Taxes, Fees and Expense (TTFE)?
What will happen if I do not settle the TTFE?
What is the Transfer Tax and Registration Expenses (TTRE) for?
Why do I need to pay the TTRE if the title is not yet ready?
What are covered by the facilitation fee? Can it be reduced?
What is a Transfer Certificate of Title (TCT)? Condominium Certificate of Title (CCT)?
What is a Deed of Absolute Sale?
What is a Tax Declaration?
Can I send a representative to view and accept the unit for me?
Can I authorize a representative to sign the Deed of Absolute Sale (DAS) for me?
Can I still transfer the ownership of my unit after I move-in?
How do I obtain my Condominium Certificate of Title (CCT) and/or Transfer Certificate of Title (TCT)?
When can I expect the CCT to be issued?
While the CCT is in process, what document do I posses that proves my ownership?
While the CCT is in process, can I sell, borrow/mortgage or otherwise dispose of the unit that I bought from RLC?
Do we have perpetual ownership over condominium units?
How do I obtain my Tax Declaration?
What is Real Estate Property Tax (REPT)?
When shall I pay the Real Estate Property Tax?
When am I responsible for paying the Real Estate Property Tax?
Can I facilitate the transfer of title from Robinsons Land Corporation (RLC) to my name?
Why is the Total Contract Price (TCP) in the CTS different from the amount in DAS?


Can I choose my parking slot location? How are parking slots assigned?
When can I use the parking slot assigned to me?
Is the individual parking slot covered by an individual title?
Can I re-sell my parking slot separately from the unit?
Why is the parking slot subject to Miscellaneous Fees if there is no title?
If my parking slot is already fully paid in cash, do I need to include it in my bank loan for the unit?
Can I occupy the parking slot before my unit is fully paid?
Can I temporarily occupy an empty parking slot in the building while I am paying for my slot?

Condominium Dues

What are Condominium Dues for?
When and where are the Condominium Dues payable?
How much are the condominium dues?
What if I am unable to pay my Condo Dues?
What other recurring payments do I need to make upon unit occupancy?


What happens to the unit if the buyer passes away while paying the CTS?
What happens to the unit if the buyer passes away after full payment but prior to Unit Turnover?
What happens if the buyer passes away while title is being transferred?

Account Managers

Who will I contact if my account manager resigns from RLC?
Can I change my Account Manager after the sale has been submitted to RLC?
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