Easy-to-do Recipes From The Sapphire Bloc Master Chefs
May 06, 2016  • foodforlife.tv

We give you delectable meals from The Sapphire Bloc’s restaurants, which you can easily prepare on autopilot. Or if you’ve got a serious case of the lazy bones, just head on to The Sapphire Bloc and have the meals prepared for you by their very own Master Chefs.

Lomo Saltado by Sobremesa

The Lomo Saltado is a Peruvian dish made with culinary techniques from Asia. Most of the time, this dish is cooked with red onions but at Sobremesa, the dish is stir-fried with white. White onions give this dish a sharper and more pungent flavor. To also keep the potatoes from turning soggy, toss them in last before serving the dish. For the full recipe, you can watch how Chef Benjo creates the dish here. 

Tortilla De Patata by Cazuela

This hearty potato, egg, and onion concoction from Spain is ultimately much more gratifying than your regular omelette. It is a staple in every Spanish menu because it can be eaten any time of the day. Chef Andres Soriano adds red bell pepper to the original recipe to give the dish another layer of flavor, which you can see here.

Sisig Pasta by Cable Car

Arguably the greatest pork dish on earth as recognized by the New York Times, Chef Felix Fernandez of Cable Car gives this pulutan an Italian twist. Deep-fried pork ears is mixed in spaghetti, an egg cooked with its sunny side up rests atop the noodles, and then a layer of mayonnaise is zigzagged to add creaminess and art. Watch how this humble dish from a small Pampanga food stall is turned into a refined plate of fatty goodness here.

Lamb Shank Caldereta by Moonshine P.U.B.

The pork-tender lamb is powdered with flour and then cooked in olive oil until brown. It is then stewed in rich tomato paste with carrots, bell peppers, and peas. The most essential ingredient is the liver paste as it thickens and adds a meaty undertone to the sauce. Served with mashed potatoes, olives, and quail eggs, Chef Jehrad Dolino’s Lamb Shank Caldereta proves to be a knockout dish. Watch the video for the full recipe here.

Pan-roasted 24-hour Brined Pork Chop by Stockpile


The process of marination always does wonders to meat. Chef Tanya Chua creates a brine solution for the pork chop with lime, salt, sugar, rosemary and thyme, a few garlic cloves, and bay leaves. The 24-hour brine time results to a juicy—almost buttery—pork chop. The secret is also found in using pork chops with the bone in as they retain the juices better and brown easily. It is a dish prepared artfully in the hope to comfort the belly and soul. Watch Chef Tanya Chua creates this dish here.

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